Tommy initially worked with Rambert Dance Company in 2014 when their principle male dancer Dane Hurst (winner of the Critics Circle, Best Male Dancer of the Year Award) contacted Tommy about using a section of his 90 minute jazz suite The Green Seagull as the score to a new ballet. This piece was premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London as part of a choreographic platform.

A year later Dane asked Tommy to compose an original score for a new ballet to be premiered at Sadlers Wells. Tommy composed and produced the music for Reminiscence which featured UK trumpet player Laura Jurd playing live accompanying the pre-recorded score.

Tommy was then commission by Rambert Dance Company to take part in their composer/choreographer series. Tommy worked with leading British choreographer Ben Duke to create a piece exploring the relationship between dance and music. The piece entitled I Will Never Love You was premiered at Wilderness Festival, UK in 2016.


Reminiscence at Sadlers Wells. Choreographed by Dane Hurst